Thursday, November 13, 2008

My personsal Graphic Designer/Tattoo Artist

My Personal Graphic/Tattoo Artist! PSYKO!
If your looking for some sick ass Graphic Designs? I got the most TALENTED in the game right now. He does All the flyer's for me, Pyscho Realm/Sick Symphonies, DJ Muggs, etc.. plus he has done flyers for other emcee's including Necro.. etc. etc.. scroll down for samples of his work..

Jesse goes by P.S.Y.K.O he is from L.A, One of the most nicest and humble guys you will ever meet. I only work with the best and this is what I'm introducing to you!

He has an talent not only for Graphic Design but also for a unique talent which is Tattooing, Psyko is well known for The Psycho Realm Gas Mask, He is part of the Sick Side Army movenent! . He also can do anything you ask.. Scroll down for samples of his work as well.

He is also one of my Designers for my Clothing Line "Zipora Clothing Hip Hop Gear". if that doesn't prove how dope he is.. I dunno what will =)

I don't think I can express enough how talented he is.. He can do some of the most sickest flyers in a matter of minutes. Psyko takes direction WELL. Always on point! He even throws Shows in L.A, he does it all. Always down for the cause.

Psyko has been Interviewed on long time running site, a very detailed interview by "Marrisa aka La Canela also of the sickside Army".

He is a work in progress and only gets better.

Get at him! For additional Pics!

Tell him I sent you!
Psyko's Myspace

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